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Notes on Leadership

Your story is your leadership story

‘Notes on Leadership’ is the brand-new radio show and podcast from British broadcast journalist Carrie Frais and US leadership coach Kristin Berry whose key focus is on creating authentic relationships with oneself, others and the world. ‘Notes On Leadership’ delves into how a leader’s back story becomes his or her leadership story, all told via their most powerful musical memories. Carrie and Krisitn believe that recalling impactful or transformational times by connecting leaders with music is a full-body experience.  Listening to the music that resonates with a leader who opens up to share something of the deepest importance, whether a high or a low, success or failure from their life is like looking at a snapshot of their being. It is a privilege to get to dig into leaders’ life stories with genuine admiration and curiosity.  

In recent months, as many people have had more time to self-reflect, they have also been thinking more about the memories they want to treasure and share with loved ones.

In the words of the American psychologist Howard Gardner, ‘Storytelling is the single most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit’.


Notes on Leadership

“Leaders are people first, so when I coach a leader I don’t find it feasible to only talk about their job without talking about who they are as people.  Leaders bring the formative experiences and important people from their lives with them to their role. Their beliefs and life values are the scaffolding of their leadership style.  When a leader has consciousness around the important events and learnings of their life, they are all the more inspiring to others”.

Kristin Berry

Leadership Coach

Listen to Carrie interviewing Kristin on 'The Soundtrack to My Life'

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What people are saying about 'Notes on Leadership'

“I love how the interview mixes personal experiences, music and leadership. Carrie and Kristin are an amazing tandem. Through her thoughtful questions Carrie really got a heartfelt, honest account of my life story. Bringing the music that influenced my life was also a really powerful way for me to connect and recall the biggest moments of my life. Kristin delved deep into how my life evolved into my leadership role and how my personal life and values shows through in my leadership. A truly amazing learning experience.”

Colin Finlayson

Project Leader

Castiel Consultants

“When we embrace our past we can appreciate our journey and where we are in the present.  Reflecting on my life through the lens of experiential songs was an emotional and meaningful experience.  It brought back powerful memories of love, hope and courage.  The preparation and discussion with Carrie and Kristen was an enjoyable therapy session full of understanding and reflection.  It was a gift.  A gift that has connected me to important times and people of my past.  A gift of appreciation for what I have become and how I can help myself be a better person in the future.  Thank you!”

Rebecca Campbell


Hewlett Packard