Have you ever felt that your life has a soundtrack?

Music can create friendships, deepen bonds and help people fall in love. Songs from the past can help stir powerful emotions and transport us back in time. Music is there as part of our lives during significant moments and with significant others that make it especially memorable and meaningful.

In recent months, as many of us have had more time to self-reflect, we have been thinking more about the memories we want to treasure and share with loved ones.

Part biography, part chat, part music, The Soundtrack to My Life is an intimate keepsake for you and your family. It offers a unique opportunity to ‘ordinary’ people who want to tell and record their stories and anecdotes in perpetuity, accompanied by their most powerful musical memories.

Professionally recorded and mixed in a production studio, the hour-long interview is streamed live and then packaged up for you to share with family and friends.

“It is pure joy to take a trip down memory lane, with songs that resonate and capture someone’s untold history. Many of our life experiences have a strong musical link – the amazing feeling of traveling alone for the first time, strong friendships, your first concert, falling in love, a wedding, a funeral. What I have discovered in my interviews is that no-one is ordinary. It is often modesty that hides how fascinating people really are.”

Broadcaster & Host of The Soundtrack to My LIfe



“We all have our favourite tunes, but there’s something wonderful about having to reflect on your life and come up with the eight that are most meaningful and the anecdotes behind them. Being interviewed by Carrie is like a guilty pleasure: it’s a chance to reflect, be quizzed and discuss the playlist to your life.”

Luke Baker

International Affairs Correspondent, Reuters

“To have the chance to compile my memorable song list for The Soundtrack to My Life was a real thrill! To reflect on special memories and people in my musical timeline was made all the more special by Carrie’s genuine interest.”

Morag Makey

Education Consultant

“Carrie instantly made me feel comfortable with a great sense of humour and genuine curiosity. She asks thoughtful questions that open a fun and at times emotional conversation provided the perfect springboard for my songs. I couldn’t recommend the experience enough. It reminded me of my goals and I had a great sense of optimism on what’s going to happen next in my ‘story!’”

Adam Jacques

Musical Theatre Director

“A really great experience made all the more enjoyable by Carrie’s skills as a presenter to effortlessly put you at ease. It was a great trip down memory lane and obviously struck a note with friends and family, who contacted me after hearing it to reminisce.”

Jane Mitchell

Director MumAbroad.com

“I absolutely loved the process of song selection for the show. I went through milestones in my life and reconnected with the music of the times which brought up lovely, sometimes powerful feelings and emotions. I smiled a lot and loved making the “long list” and then trying to cut it down and select just the right song, was so much fun. Selecting a playlist for your life is deeply personal but sharing it was so liberating – I love that my friends and family got to listen and learn something new about me through music. Carrie’s warmth and generosity of spirit made the whole process very relaxed and smooth. I highly recommend the experience.”

Laura Cepelli

Pilates Instructor